How to type #unicode letters in #emacs using #kde #konsole?

I use #emacs-nox

The #tamil letters are coming as [36m\205[36m\207

#ubuntu #linux


@tshrinivasan My guess is its the issue of konsole? I checked my Edit Profile > Advanced and it says its UTF-8 guess its the same for you also. Is it a font issue or does emacs have a different rendering engine as a whole?

@pavi I can type tamil in normal konsole with vim.

emacs-nox is giving issues.

Can you try and check with #emacs in #kde #konsole ?

I've just tested emacs -nw on Arch in konsole.
With cyrillyc, tamil, devanagari, can't see any issues (haven't tried it in tty). Maybe you should look into building options of emacs-nox package in your distribution.


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