Dear :fediverse: aka the awesome socially aware community! Have you been following Disha Ravi a founding member of ? She has been arrested on dubious charges which violate basic human of and . Its a death knell for all kinds of which can happen in the country. Now parents are scared of children expressing their 'political opnion' online! 😱 @digitalcourage

@pavi I haven't been following her. Just searched for her name and am aghast by the comments under the articles in the Times of India. WTF is going on?

Any recommendations for further reading? Wikipedia appears to be the best I've found on the matter so far

@guido The sad reality of India is that all the comments and feedback system is tarnished :( There are literally people employed by the rightwing BJP to spew venom in the comments. Twitter is the worst and it definitely should be taken with pinch of salt.

@pavi @digitalcourage


The Goverment of India, Modri is going on in racesimn and nationalismn, totalismn way.

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