Both Trump and Modi say "America first " 🤮

Both Nazis are bothered about only one nation 😱 The nation where capital dictates wins!

Our friends at published a cool to transform photos to comics, using GIMP, and some of the . 🤩


Post taken from the Diaspora handle of G'mic

"Modi is an Indian who is colonising " says Aishe Ghosh of students union to SankarshanT

She says that you can call it internal , he is doing exactly what the powers did before to India, ie divide the people to entrench yourself in power.

"If this is what we had to undergo for exercising our rights, I shudder to imagine the attrocities being perpetrated on defenceless & voiceless millions across Kashmir, UP and interior India. " - Surya Rajappan
Remember the two women who put up an anti banner. They were evicted out of the appartment by the landlord and a frenzy mob which stood outside their building at Lajpat Nagar ,

Shame on these idiots, If there are still any voters who love the so called "development" party, its time to rethink about the monster you have unleashed. This post ( notice the phone number ) can show how cheap their tactics are to get support for in and they have insulted you the BJP , supporters. Is this how low you guys are taking the country to? 🤮

The gets a mention at the , but sadly the idea of didn't go yet in India. Wish we spread more strongly ✊ the decentralised alternatives to those services offered by .
From @rupagulab DilawarTalkies iamsrk

centre 😱 at post and .

Look at the money they are spending for these horrible actions they are planning to do. 🤮 Instead of taking care of of the country, they are burning 🔥 money to increase hatred, can things get any worse? Are there people who still believe is for "development"? Share this to those believers and please question them.

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Santa Claws wishes you a merry christmas! ♥

Photo “Dusty” by Erik Drost, cc-by 2.0

Remember the BJP's slogan for "Digital India" , joins and with happening everywhere in 👎

This is what which happens when you elect a right wing government and give it more and more power via .

Anurag Kashyap says to NDTV "It is an egoistic government, its an egoistic uneducated government, they will not accept things are going wrong with economy, they will not accept things are going wrong, they will not accept growth is going down, you can address the problems only when you accept there is a problem!"

UP gives 31 seats, the maximum any state can give for rajyasabha comes from this state which as you see has voted orange aka BJP. That's when the dark ages have begun. We see and other horrible laws being easily passed. Sadly more are to come. 😢

Whats the status of from ? Today is the last day of the week. Is it all finished?

The graph on left is mstdn dot social, right is main instance. Looks like the number of users joining has significantly fallen down but the conversation is going on.

Big thanks to @Deepsealioness 💚 for helping with the onboarding process allowing everyone in India to discover each other. Thats the reason you see the beautiful status going on high on the graphs showing the buzz. ✊

Continuing my post on RSS ( RDF Site Summary) All your accounts are actually broadcasting a RSS feed.
So the format is simple should give you the link to the RSS feed of any user from that server. You can use the feed reader which I mentioned before to browse the posts directly. On we used to have inline supported but not any more. 😢 We need to use an extension called
Enjoy the plain
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Why should we switch to networks?

Explained here in the video by the Internet's own boy . Lets remember his fight for decentralised communication which we all are enjoying today via

The forgotten RSS feeds, no its not about the disgusting organisation but its about RDF site summary which allows you to subscribe to updates from a news website or blog post via your own newsreader client. It is succeeded by these days.

Today is day where we remember our RSS developer who fought for our digital rights.

You can download Feed reader like to subscribe to feeds.

Dedicated to , and friends from

Do you want a styled interface where you can follow multiple in a screen display?

Go to Settings > Preferences > Appearance and enable the Advanced Web Interface. You can also have a dark 😎


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