@rupagulab And we are talking about AIIMS here the premier medical institute in the country, what about the countless medical centres and poor aasha workers 😢

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Many citizens wasted time doing foolish things like banging thaalis for health care workers. Do the right thing now, for God’s sake! #SpeakUpIndia
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Over 50 healthcare staff at AIIMS tested #COVID19 +ve in 48 hours

AIIMS doctors: "N95 masks & PPEs don't meet even basic MOHFW safety standards.
Our voice is met with FIRs, threats & attempts to jeopardise our career.
Its not the virus we are worried about its the…

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This is the reason we're planning to move there. The most livable, educated and civilized state in India.

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"We're Highly Educated"-a citizen's simple summary of the Kerala Model. "Kerala is the Best, says another. There's obviously more to it, but after months being on the road am sure of a North South Divide in the COVID response. Kerala is the happiest state Ive been to in 72 days. twitter.com/BDUTT/status/12656

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BDUTT/status/12656

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India is a fine example of how bad a crisis can go if you do not elect a government that cares, or think scientifically, or for the people. At the moment, the government feels like apathetic headless chickens, while massive migration patterns shows the loss of faith in the government. This is ofcourse with good reason due to unplanned, hurried, and oppressive imposition of policies that have only exacerbated problems for the underprivileged citizens of the country.

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As Maharastra crosses 50,000 mark, the state has requested Kerala Govt to provide experienced doctors and trained nurses for the management of #Covid_19 patients.

Maharastra has 50,231 cases as on date.

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Next step, register the face mask you use with some arbitrary new body formed by the same few names for "national interest"

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Face masks cover up a significant portion of what facial recognition needs to identify and detect people -- essentially threatening the future of a multimillion-dollar industry unless the technology can learn to recognize people beyond the coverings: cnet.co/2yqqru7

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheOfficialACM/sta

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You ask questions of the AP government about a lethal gas leak, you get legal harassment. You ask questions about PPEs, you get locked up in a mental hospital.
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@tshrinivasan My guess is its the issue of konsole? I checked my Edit Profile > Advanced and it says its UTF-8 guess its the same for you also. Is it a font issue or does emacs have a different rendering engine as a whole?

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Someone needs to explain how a loan is "atmanirbhar". A loan by definition is needing money you don't have and then paying for it.

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Every country's CDC is leading from the front--except India's. The NCDC is invisible; its IDSP stopped producing its decades old weekly report in Feb. They've taken a back seat to the government's "in-house experts" (???). Read @VidyaKrishnan@twitter.com's report. caravanmagazine.in/health/epid

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Kerala was preparing for #COVID19 with a robust plan before it reached the country.

Gujarat had the Hello Trump event and claims of defeating #COVID19 before sending an SOS for doctors and guidance when shit hit fan.

Gujarat model or Kerala model?

You prefer.

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1. Problems in #Zoom
2. Why we should move to #Jitsi?

#Tamil #FOSS #Jitsi

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Zoom App-ல் இருக்கும் பிரச்சனைகள் என்ன? | Jitsi Video Conferencing பற்றிய ஒரு அறிமுகம் - youtu.be/aKoeNERd3O4


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What is even scarier is that the countries above us in the graph all have better healthcare and are already overwhelmed. When the cases in India hit critical mass, not only will we be overwhelmed, our size will make adequate help hard. Get your head out of the wah wah cloud.

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WhatsApp gyan: The curve is flattening.

No, that is your brain flatlining.

The number of people testing positive is accelerating with no signs of slowing down. And this is with "lockdown" - which can't be sustained for much longer.

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Federated Stories and Direct Messages have been successfully tested between Pixelfed instances!

Shipping Soon 🚀 #pixelfed

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