has committed to provide basic up to 12th standard to everyone through world-class government .

See pages 5-6 for more: pirates.org.in/manifesto

See the discussion thread here: codema.in/d/SJgKO4Hj/a-pirate-

urge people to centralized social media platforms like & which have really bad track records when it comes to of the users or influencing political choices of users or siding with ruling parties. We recommend switching to like , , & .

Read full statement at pirates.org.in/statements/boyc

The Cisco Case Could Expose Rampant Prejudice Against Dalits in Silicon Valley

Networks of upper caste professionals work in tandem to keep out those whom they see as inferior.


Our statement on online education in .

Online education in the time of COVID-19 and the excluded


കോവിഡ്-19 സമയത്തെ ഓണ്‍ലൈന്‍ വിദ്യാഭ്യാസവും പുറത്തു് നിര്‍ത്തപ്പെടുന്നവരും


That is why we need systematic change in parties, not just different people following the same system. If only the party is really transparent and accountable to its members, it can really uphold its values. To make that possibly, dissent and not discipline that has to be cornerstone of such a party. Something that we are experimenting with @piratesin But we have a different problem, not many step up to the challenge. Being a disciplined party worker is much more convenient.

Yes, Kejriwal is an example that change is possible if we can show a credible alternative to people. What happened to Kejriwal is a different story, so we also need to build more democratic parties, not blindly following a leader. So we have two challenges 1. Demonstrate that we can provide alternative 2. Practice democracy and accountability instead of hero worship. Something we have been trying at @piratesin but its really hard and growth is slow.

Statement on App Source Code release

There is no yet clear process regarding access control to our data. Who has access, is access audited or logged is not clear. There is also no clarity on when will the data be deleted after the pandemic is under control.

Read full statement pirates.org.in/statements/arog

Indian Pirates Statement on CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and NRC (National Register of Citizens) pirates.org.in/statements/caa- This was prepared around January but publishing got delayed. Publishing now to record our stand for the record.

@aura Justice B N Srikrishna, drafter of the original #PersonalDataProtectionBill, warned that it can make #India an #OrwellianState

“They have removed the safeguards. That is most dangerous. The government can at any time access private data or government agency data on grounds of sovereignty or public order. This has dangerous implications.”

Join our loomio group at loomio.org/g/7qmru1SG/indian-p You can see all our previous discussions and policy decisions. You can also participate and propose changes. Now you can try proposing a change to any existing orgs you know and compare.

@KayKap @musafir @Samyukth @VivekT @toocleverbyhalf @wabbster @IshaKaushik@mastodon.social @pursephoney@mastodon.social @dushyant@mstdn.io @dushyant@mstdn.social

@praveen @sajith @piratesin @kannan These pan India protests are powerful, for people to truly exercise their power they need to organize better by being part of alternative politics. For eg. #IndianPirates is currently a small group of people, with the aspiration to become a political party that are against the current norms by promoting direct democracy internally and respecting dissent by giving voice to everyone. To know more check pirates.org.in

What are we planning to do after this? Even if we succeed?
Should we continue trusting the current political system that allowed this to happen? Or should we get out and be part of creating a new culture of politics?

Passive participation in politics is proved not working, we need active participation. We need to do more than voting every once a while.

#IndiaAgainstCAA #indiaAgainstNRC

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @IshaKaushik@mastodon.social @TriptoRoy@mastodon.social @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
Though with main discussions being online and in English, we are yet to find a solution to these two barriers. We have 8 members currently in that 1 Muslim and 1 OBC I know (I have not really looked deeply about others). No women yet.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @IshaKaushik@mastodon.social @TriptoRoy@mastodon.social @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
There is no limit to how many members we can have so people from any background can become members. We'd really like to see more Women, Dalits, Adivasis, LGBT, Muslims and other marginalized groups to get involved.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @IshaKaushik@mastodon.social @TriptoRoy@mastodon.social @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
What we noticed about other organizations is dissenters thrown out from the party and only yes men remains with the supreme leader. We value dissent strongly, so no one can be expelled once they become members. So the extra validation steps before membership.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @IshaKaushik@mastodon.social @TriptoRoy@mastodon.social @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
Associates can request membership after working with us for at least 6 months and at least 2 existing members can vouch for them. All members have equal rights. No secretary, president or high command.

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