We got 318 votes with just 8 people campaigning on the ground (some joined just for a day). 11 people donated to the campaign. 5 people helped with designs. 3 people helped with updating website. We met about 2000 people during the campaign (based on the number of pamphlets).

Poster by Rabeeu, Owl Generation. Thanks to Joice for arranging it and @kannan for updating it.

Indian Pirates endorse the following statement, demanding release of free software contributor and privacy advocate Ola Bini


Just updated the list of candidates we support in the General Elections to Lok Sabha 2019.

Prakash Raj for Bangalore Central, Aswathi Rajappan for Ernakulam, Kanhaiya Kumar for Begusarai, Gomathy for Idukki.

Along with our own candidate @praveen for Kannur.


So I told him 'I'm a software engineer' and added 'is that enough?' He was silent.He mostly judged me by my dress, I guess. Though unlike in Thiruvananthapuram, no one asked me about it explicitly till now.

We also met some congress workers who were preparing stage for KM Shaji MLA. They admitted they won't vote for me but still wanted to know about us.

My sound is mostly gone repeating the same introduction over and over, hundreds of times within a few hours.

Today we had some interesting conversations during our campaign. One person asked me if I'm contesting to win. I told him 'if already knew who is going to win, then we won't need elections to begin with'. Others echoed similar concern and I told them 'if you all vote I can win'. One person asked me what is my qualification to contest, I asked him back 'what is the qualification of the candidates from major parties?'. He said PK Sreemathy is a teacher and K Sudhakaran is advocate.

@piratesin campaign for Kannur Lok Sabha elections started today at Puthiyatheru. The response was mixed, some positive, some indifferent... Some wanted money for votes... Some wanted to know my motivation, some advised me to get more people with me to campaign... We campaigned at the market were many knew us as regular customers from the beef shop to ladies selling fish to the men at the vegetable shop...

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