@aura Justice B N Srikrishna, drafter of the original #PersonalDataProtectionBill, warned that it can make #India an #OrwellianState

“They have removed the safeguards. That is most dangerous. The government can at any time access private data or government agency data on grounds of sovereignty or public order. This has dangerous implications.”

Join our loomio group at loomio.org/g/7qmru1SG/indian-p You can see all our previous discussions and policy decisions. You can also participate and propose changes. Now you can try proposing a change to any existing orgs you know and compare.

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@praveen @sajith @piratesin @kannan These pan India protests are powerful, for people to truly exercise their power they need to organize better by being part of alternative politics. For eg. #IndianPirates is currently a small group of people, with the aspiration to become a political party that are against the current norms by promoting direct democracy internally and respecting dissent by giving voice to everyone. To know more check pirates.org.in

What are we planning to do after this? Even if we succeed?
Should we continue trusting the current political system that allowed this to happen? Or should we get out and be part of creating a new culture of politics?

Passive participation in politics is proved not working, we need active participation. We need to do more than voting every once a while.

#IndiaAgainstCAA #indiaAgainstNRC

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Though with main discussions being online and in English, we are yet to find a solution to these two barriers. We have 8 members currently in that 1 Muslim and 1 OBC I know (I have not really looked deeply about others). No women yet.

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There is no limit to how many members we can have so people from any background can become members. We'd really like to see more Women, Dalits, Adivasis, LGBT, Muslims and other marginalized groups to get involved.

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What we noticed about other organizations is dissenters thrown out from the party and only yes men remains with the supreme leader. We value dissent strongly, so no one can be expelled once they become members. So the extra validation steps before membership.

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Associates can request membership after working with us for at least 6 months and at least 2 existing members can vouch for them. All members have equal rights. No secretary, president or high command.

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The main group is open to all, the idea is to give everyone a feel of how things work and participate. Then those who want to take the next step can become associates by publicly stating their agreement to our constitution.

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We use an online collaboration platform for all discussions and decisions. loomio.org/g/7qmru1SG/indian-p You can also join and get a feel of how it works and if you think its interesting you can also participate.

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This does require people to take responsibility, get involved in policy-making, get on the ground talking to people, and not just demand someone else fix things. Since that is not convenient we are still very small for many years.


We have @piratesin , which is direct democratic, transparent and non-hierarchical organization. All our discussions and decisions are public. See pirates.org.in/constitution and pirates.org.in/manifesto

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Seven Reasons Why We Shouldn't Demand the Death Penalty for Rape

Feminist scholars and activists have been arguing for years that sentencing rapists to death is not the answer.


Abolition of death penalty is first item on manifesto of @piratesin


We are a direct democratic political collective with transparent decision making. You are invited to join us. Also see pirates.org.in/constitution


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We firmly believe it is the responsibility of the entire society to ensure safety of all women."

Any suggestions on improving it?

You can reply here or directly comment on our discussion group at loomio.org/d/rR4eVn8z/constitu You can just create an account and reply. See https://piratesin/constitution for other principles we have already agreed to.


I have proposed the following as a basic principle of @piratesin

"Mainstream opinion on women's safety seems to put women solely responsible for their safety and always tend to blame the victim when any violence on women is reported. When society accepts it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that contributes to the violence women have to endure... 1/2

We had a short protest against the Transgender (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 at Townhall, Bangalore today evening in light of its passage by the Rajya Sabha. Post the protest, a meeting to discuss the way forward was held. Certain key takeaways from the protest and the meeting, in summary: (1/n)

Hey @praveen that's exactly why we need to collaborate and work together. Different people doing different things. I would love to connect and talk about this further. Where are you based out of?

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