Indian Pirates are committed to support human rights, direct democracy and participation in government, reform of copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge (open content), information privacy, transparency, freedom of information, anti-corruption and network neutrality. Read our full constitution at Join us today if you agree.


Human beings have innate value. Rights of every human being is described in Universal Declaration of human rights. We will fight to ensure these rights are not denied to anyone.

Read our full constitution at Join us today if you agree.

Speaking out is important and necessary, but we need to organize ourselves, to make sustainable change.

Continuing the series on our constitution

Section 3: We understand individuals and families of all sections of the society and different geographic locations have a right to realize equal life chances regardless of identity. Economic inequity, caste or gender or sexuality based discrimination, and differential abilities prevent many from realizing the equity of opportunities.

@piratesin But my Dear Pirate, What is the use of all this? Who will uphold it?

We do not lack for laws; it is the Implementation that is lacking.

We have to, those who care about it. We have to organize ourselves to do it. I'm not saying its easy, but we got to try. If we can get the people who care to come together, we can do it. May be not soon enough, we can start making small impacts and grow. If all of us give up thinking we cannot change, we will fail. If you look back in history, we have achieved many things which were considered impossible in those times.

@praveen @piratesin

Very good thots. Very much with You.

Besides writing Strongly, We Need to Conscientise and Mobilise ppl Directly. ...Regards.

Yes, speaking up on issues is a way of reaching out to like minded people. We have done some campaigns on cycle in the past and contested two elections. But I agree we could do much more.


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