The Cisco Case Could Expose Rampant Prejudice Against Dalits in Silicon Valley

Networks of upper caste professionals work in tandem to keep out those whom they see as inferior.

@piratesin Much more likely that they will get justice in Amurka than in India. And if the financial penalties are high enough all western companies will change their practices to acknowledge this form of racism.

I think the current political climate in USA gives it a better chance.

@praveen Maybe but historically Americans have a sense of fairness. And their court system is the most democratic in the world. And the juries understand being capitalists themselves the only way a multinational changes policy is if you hurt them hard in their pockets. Plus this case has been well researched and backed by evidence. First time I think. @piratesin

@kp666 That's why they won't change here. They already paid off whoever needed to be paid off and it doesn't matter which party is in power. Or the only difference is you get different Babus paying the bribes @praveen @piratesin

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