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How Panther’s Paw Publications is publishing its Dalit books during, and against, the pandemic

Yogesh Maitreya is the founder and sole staff member of this publisher of Dalit literature.

Donate today to keep FSCI services, like video conferencing, instant messaging, social networking that stands up for privacy, running.

everyone struggles

Struggle is an unavoidable natural state of affairs a blog post by intern working with me in . Two interns are helping to update nodejs and webpack packages for next version of Debian.


Incompetence, unprofessionalism, and a fixation with real-estate development and foreign debt have ruined the plan

The user is prompted for a username and password during registration. A random password is generated for convenience but can be overridden.

On Snikket servers users are organized into "circles". Within a circle every member automatically has every other member as a contact. Except for the initial user, nobody has an empty contact list when joining a Snikket server.

Hope this helps!

Dear All,

After a short break we are bringing you two sessions,

13- Jan-2022: Why privacy matters and tools for private communications

15-Jan-2022: Different perspectives on Free Software.

Meeting link:
Time: 6 pm

We will start the project phase after these sessions, wait for more details on it.

The session is open to all, so please share it with your friends too.

Looking forward to see you there.

In messaging we had two choices, 1. Use a centralized service that uses your current phone number as an id which makes it convenient to not remember another username (also sms based sign up meant, no password to remember). Finding contacts was also easy if you had their phone number. 2. Use decentralized protocols like or which gives choice of providers but is confusing to many people. So we ended up using centralized service or losing contacts. gives both options.

I have also setup an arm64 chroot on my laptop using qemu-user-static package. I was building directly on the phone earlier which was cumbersome and slow. Now I can build on my laptop.

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The first vaccine to battle global inequity

At this point in the pandemic, 9.21 billion doses have been administered globally, with 58% of the global population having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Only 8.5% of people in low-income countries have been vaccinated.

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"I volunteered for the trial because I believed it would help get the world out of the pandemic. I have come to understand that the noble enterprise of science-making I was a part of is first and foremost an exercise in ruthless corporate profit-making."

In case you missed it, Settings has ported to GTK4 and uses libadwaita for platform integration. Georges shares the details with us on a recent blog post:

I have found two options for /#BBB/#webrtc on Librem5. browser by works well and browser that comes as firefox-esr can be used. Though camera support is missing. See for challenges to get camera working and its current status.

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കുറച്ചു്‌‌‌ ദിവസം മുമ്പേ കൈയ്യിൽ കിട്ടി.

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I suggested many chat apps to my friends and they found those hard to use or confusing, finally I suggested Quicksy, they all found it good. So all my friends and family now use to talk to me. Recommend Quicksy today and feel the happiness.

The concept of talent as a god-given blessing is inherently wrong. It actively hinders people to try new stuff and suck at it at first.

Because that is what you'll do when you try new things: you will suck. For some time. Yes, some will learn faster than others, experiences differ! But if you want to learn something new, please don't think you need any kind of talent for that.

What you need is passion. And time.

And the courage to fail.

My main concern so far is battery life, which roughly lasted for 8 hours after fully charged. Hopefully more battery optimizations to software will improve that. works well for end to end encrypted text/media sharing and audio/video calls. Since the default browser is epiphany, lack of support is a disappointment, so it can't be used for meetings yet.

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Got my Purism Librem 5 some days back.

Calls, SMS, Email and browsing works out of the box. I could get client working after a rebuild of the version in Debian experimental.

First time trying to upgrade from default pure os 9 to 10 from command line broke the system which I fixed with help of jumpdrive recovery image. Second time I broke when I tried upgrading to Debian unstable and fixed by flashing pure os 10 directly.

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