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invited community members for a meetup on 2nd November to discuss our expectations from them.

We have collected notes from the meetup here

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Look at as a replacement to . It is decentralized similar to but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured It is powered by protocol and two instances are manged by Indians and

With the coronavirus, we are really trying to mitigate the revenge blow from nature. It’s a moment to be humble and realise our finitude in a wondrous and infinite natural order.

Economic Stimulus Packages in response to #CoVid19

🇬🇧 UK : $39 billion
🇺🇲 US : $1.2 trillion
🇫🇷 France : $45 billion
🇳🇿 NZ : $8 billion
🇮🇹 Italy : $28 billion
🇨🇦 Canada : $56 billion
🇰🇷 South Korea : $10 billion
🇮🇳 India : Janata Curfew & Clapping hands in the Balcony on Sunday

Can anyone share sources for the cost of in ? Many news articles mention 1600 crore rupees.



Macca & Medina closed, Vatican closed, Tirupati & Shiridi closed...... the gods have closed their doors....... but hospitals are open 24*7 to save & serve the humankind.


Biggest problem is the very asymptomatic nature of this virus.

So the thermal scanning at airports still let loose asymptomatic people to the society as we are not testing them!

Many gets a false security sense after going through the screening!

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Loveliest thing I've read today. Won't give it away, but I think you'll figure out who the writer is talking about before you get to the reveal.

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corona virus doesn't care about your religion, social hierarchy, power, popularity, bank balance. If you don't want to be infected with virus, help other humans to have a healthy life. Universal Healthcare can't be a pipe dream.

Finally got to see and take some of the #swag collected at #fosdem2020 by Sruthi and @praveen. Thank You !!

The stickers in the pic below are still up for grabs if you can reach them. But will most probably be gone by tomorrow 😉

And a bonus challenge.

3 stickers in the pic has been replaced from another pic since their logos was not clear.

Can you find them ?


BJP inaction over Thakur, Mishra forced Delhi HC to take over and direct police function. Same with evacuation of wounded.
What happened today is censure and Modi, Amit unused to that.


"My dream network consists of AAP at one end, the CPI(ML) Liberation at the other, with so many Gandhian and Socialist inspired social movements, Jignesh Mewani’s Dalit Adhikar Manch or the Bhim Army somewhere in between."

Debian installation and django workshop @ Chengannur engineering college

Ruby Team Sprint 2020 in Paris - Day One

Day One of the Ruby Team Sprint in Paris is over. Topics covered have been discussing the Ruby 2.7 transition, dropping the Ruby interpreter dependency from libraries, optimization of the Salsa CI service, helping Kali Linux to reduce the differences between their and Debian’s Ruby packages and much, much more …


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It's 2020 and apparent to all that Modi is up to no good. But dial back to 2016 and the voluntary-mandatory Aadhaar era. Did you defend Aadhaar then as a good idea?

Do you still think a centralised system controlled by Modi is a good idea?

3 police officers Interrogating 60 minor students about a play for 4 hours (after charging sedition case against school and arresting teacher and a parent) in their school hours.

Demand immediate suspension of DySP Basaveshwara Hira and his officers.

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