We are going to travel across Kerala (possibly across India if we get support) promoting federated social media services like and . We are going to call it . We have done a similar campaign in the past called . This time we are expanding the scope.

Vote here if you like to join/support the campaign

You can see the details about Diaspora Yatra at

launch today at LBS College of Engineering today along with Buster release party. Schedule of the day

Me, Sruthi, Akhil, Shameel and Naseem taking the passenger train from Kannur. Kannan will join us at Kasargode.

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Has #diaspora start supporting federation with ActivityPub?

Yes. What I read diapora protocol is much secure than activity pub which these will not get along.

I tested Friendica, Diaspora, Mastodon, Pleroma & Hubzilla.

Each with it's own distinct features

Praveen, east Tamil nadu is hot nowadays, I wanna travel across to get chilled 😊

Of course, promoting free software, privacy, etc

Is this tour self-funded or sponsored ?

Communications with people mostly in Malayalam or English ?


Self funded, but we can try sponsorships and crowd funding. We can use whatever language is comfortable with the audience. And we don't have to limit it to Kerala alone, I said Kerala because I have contacts here, we can do it in Tamil Nadu as well.

Ok, your plan for tour got my attention.

I've few concerns, that's all.

1) language. I am fluent in English & Tamil (mother tongue)

When we are presenting to people, language is crucial.

Since you mention that venues will be colleges and similar places, we can communicate to audience in English as well.

For Kerala, I can speak present in English & for Tamil nadu, Tamil is well received all over but English is can be received in major cities.


@noor I think you already figured out the language riddle. Now we need to start planning - ie, when we are going to which place and who is going to present. See the loomio link in my original post, we can use loomio and matrix for collaborating on the plan.

@noor It is shared in the loomio link, but here it is again

2) time
Is there time scheduled for the tour ?

I've not happened to check Loomio page yet as I will sign in on my computer to read more about it.

3) funding

If it is sponsored, I am be in. I am not financial stable. Do please tell me if there is a sponsor for expenses, as I will be excited to be on board.


@noor schedule is flexible, when a place willing to host and people willing to go matches, we have a schedule for that particular event. Repeat that for events across South India.

@noor I hope we can find some sponsors to cover expenses.

I recently learnt there are free software supporter group in Chennai & Pondicherry.

Though I am not connected any. It is visionary to think to cover south India for promoting free software, freedom, privacy, etc.

I am doing my part both Online / offline. I explain/ promote free software & replace their stock software/service with free one'

But progress is way slow.

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