We are going to travel across Kerala (possibly across India if we get support) promoting federated social media services like and . We are going to call it . We have done a similar campaign in the past called . This time we are expanding the scope.

Vote here if you like to join/support the campaign loomio.org/p/XDtULO8I/would-yo

You can see the details about Diaspora Yatra at poddery.com/tags/diasporayatra

Is this tour self-funded or sponsored ?

Communications with people mostly in Malayalam or English ?


Self funded, but we can try sponsorships and crowd funding. We can use whatever language is comfortable with the audience. And we don't have to limit it to Kerala alone, I said Kerala because I have contacts here, we can do it in Tamil Nadu as well.

2) time
Is there time scheduled for the tour ?

I've not happened to check Loomio page yet as I will sign in on my computer to read more about it.

3) funding

If it is sponsored, I am be in. I am not financial stable. Do please tell me if there is a sponsor for expenses, as I will be excited to be on board.


@noor I hope we can find some sponsors to cover expenses.

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