Kerala Media Academy summit on self-reliant publishing from today.

Yesterday we met with Fahad Al Zaidi from Oman (who is inaugurating the event) and shared each other' experience on wide variety of topics including his work on adding Indian language support in (through his work on adding Arabic support), activities in and (especially in ). We had dinner together and have him validate if (sweet) was authentic :)

His work is really inspiring how he persisted in getting Arabic and Indian language support (complex text layout) pushed to even when the core team was not very supportive. Anil Kumar KV from ATPS, Kerala had initially did similar work years ago, but could not get it accepted into official Scribus. They are also spreading Free Software like in schools in Oman.

Excellent explanation of Freedom to modify the software. They found the software but it did not support . They studied how the software works and added Arabic support. They shared their improvement so everyone including and other Indian languages. . Their work is now a part of scribus software.

Anil Kumar KV and Mahesh Mangalat at the event. Anil had created a version of scribus that works with Malayalam earlier but could not get it included in Scribus.

Declaration of self-reliance publishing summit.

They have decided to create appropriate bodies and raise funds to spread across all publishing needs lead by Kerala Media Academy.

@praveen Where is the vid or... Maybe it is just a photo?

Video is still raw footage, hopefully soon we can edit and upload.

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