For those who are , I'd like share another aspect of that brought many of us here much before the current wave. Mastodon is Free Software (sometimes called as Open Source or Free and Open Source Software). It means anyone is Free to use, study, modify and share the software. This means we are not dependent on any single entity (person, company, country...) and we can be self-reliant.

@praveen hi Praveen. I remember your talk from hackbeach about alternatives. Would be good for you to do a separate thread here right now because many from India are looking for big tech alternatives

@nixxin @praveen why is that after only some big event people start to look for alternative, can't they make an informed decision right from the start?

Amusing to see the exodus after the twitter blocking. When many free software activist were ignored earlier it is only now people value privacy and freedom :)

Anyway, it is never late to learn, welcome to the fediverse.



I always mention Michael Corleone from Mario Puso's Godfather. He was not involved in the mafia activities till he got hit on the face by a police officer. Most people usually don't care as long some one they don't know is suffering. So when someone they know gets hit, they wake up. Same for migration, it started when some news papers got fined by Adobe.


@praveen @nixxin I agree. May be we all are same including myself. we learn from our mistakes.

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