Look at riot.im as a replacement to . It is decentralized similar to but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured It is powered by protocol and two instances are manged by Indians diasp.in and poddery.com

@praveen @h_tejas @akshay thanks for pinging! Is the server ready to take the load though in case people notice this?

@akash @praveen @h_tejas @akshay honestly probably not if everyone signs up to matrix.org. It's very slow currently even. There are some alternatives like chat.weho.st which are better though


I'm admin at poddery.com and I use it everyday. It is pretty fast.

@akash @h_tejas @akshay

@praveen @restioson @h_tejas @akshay can anyone please create #india on that server? I'll need to make an account there unless we want it to occupy multiple addresses

@praveen @restioson @h_tejas @akshay yogi lives like 20 mins from here, I'm scared of starting a room or being an admin tbh. Too many horror stories of WhatsApp group admins who weren't even admins anymore. This is UP


Created :poddery.com (with limited scope than ). Let new people join, understand how to use and move to whatever groups they like to create.

@restioson @h_tejas @akshay

@praveen @restioson @h_tejas @akshay im trying to join the room so I can take a as to post with the toot but it says it doesn't exist?

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