Look at riot.im as a replacement to . It is decentralized similar to but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured It is powered by protocol and two instances are manged by Indians diasp.in and poddery.com

@praveen @h_tejas How about Signal messenger app. Even Snowden uses it I guess.

@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas its centralised and uses your phone number. Absolute disaster. Snowden has a different threat model.

@akash @amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas
Centralized is not always bad its run by a Not for profit organization its good for what it is i.e. WhatsApp without Facebook. Riot is good for Team chats i.e. Discord alternative. For best privacy/security jabber is the way to go with omemo encryption.
Signal is very easy to use and intuitive that cant be said for Jabber as you need to be tech literate.



Even when run by not for profit, its easy to block by govts.

@akash @amarsharma @h_tejas

People can create unlisted tor nodes, there is no single point of failure.

@akash @amarsharma @h_tejas

@praveen @akash @amarsharma @h_tejas tor traffic can be traced and blocked at isp level. Everything has an upside/downside. I agree with you on tors resilience to blockades.

I think there is even http tunnels for tor, but never used, may be @kushal can clarify.

@akash @amarsharma @h_tejas

@praveen @null0x0 @akash @amarsharma @h_tejas there are ways to hide Tor traffic and use it even when govt is trying to block. That is how China and Iran gets Tor.

@praveen @null0x0 @akash @amarsharma @h_tejas you can make your Tor traffic look like https or smtp, goto configuration dialog and say Tor is blocked in your country.

@null0x0 @kushal it's easy to access tor here. Places like the gulf there are blocks on website, so getting a legit copy itself is hard

@bull500 @null0x0 you can download from github EFF and even via email (you will get link)

@kushal @null0x0 website are easy to block. UAE has extremely advanced systems in place. Updated Torrents/magnets would be the ultimate solution for now for mass distribution. Else get a friend in another country to upload to a drive.

@kushal @null0x0 if there's better tech than that they'll have it. They've blocked skype, WhatsApp calls and at times VPN as well. Iirc there are fines if you get caught for using voip over vpn.

@kushal @bull500 Airtel policy states they do collect browsing data. Read their broadband tos. It's shit

@null0x0 @bull500 without installing a black box dpi machine, no ISP in India are allowed to open their service

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