email client is now available in buster-backports for stable users. I use Geary as my primary email client for its nice conversation view feature ( has a plugin for this feature, but when opening large threads it just hangs), ie, view all messages in a thread at once.

I was earlier using Debian unstable and when I broke my last laptop, I decided to stick to Debian stable on my new laptop. So I volunteered to maintain a backport.

What broke on your previous install? I'm curious because I'm thinking of switching to debian unstable myself 🙃

Hardware broke. I have been using unstable for years. I just wanted to experience what it means to use Debian stable on a laptop. I don't miss so much. nheko for matrix and geary for email was all I needed in addition to default, both I maintain in backports. For development unstable schroot is sufficient. I also use lxc for testing gitlab. Schroot is really awesome, I discovered it very recently or rather I tried to use it only recently.

@praveen I haven't heard of schroot before and the wiki page isn't very elaborate ( Is it like a user-friendly wrapper for chroot?

Yes, its very nice wrapper around chroot. You can share home directory between the chroot and host easily.

See for a quickstart guide.

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