You know what's ridiculous about the legislation of the world's largest #democracy??

The people who are at the receiving end are completely neglected.

Everyone but the #kashmiri people are speaking on what's happening in #kashmir . No one from Kashmir had a say in the revoking of Article 370.

And now the Transgender Persons Protection Bill is passed ignoring the demands and changes the trans community was asking for.

Soon #NRC and #CitizenshipAmendmentBill will come in play.


Let's stop this pretence and do something about it. Let's scream until we are heard. Let's not ignore this. Lets not submit. Let's not give up.



I'm afraid screaming is going to be insufficient. We should organize ourselves, collaborate wirh people who are outraged like us and get involved in politics. If we are all just screaming, we will be just ignored. I don't see a short cut or short term solution. If we start today at least, we have a chance to reverse things later.

@praveen I feel the same but we need more people joining in. And Mastodon as a network works better for collaboration than Twitter. We just need to take the next step soon. I am really open for collaboration of any kind. The kind of work @saketgokhale @Vakeel_Sb @ICLU @jhatkaadotorg @naukarshah @sanjayuvacha @AdvManoj @jamewils @digitaldutta are doing is what needs to be made into one whole effort and work together with all who are willing to join. This needs to be a movement.

@Battrebeet i forgot to mention @majchowdhury. And yes the funding is an issue but that can be managed with credibility and influence that people on board. It wouldn't be easy but not impossible too.

@praveen @saketgokhale @Vakeel_Sb @ICLU @jhatkaadotorg @naukarshah @sanjayuvacha @AdvManoj @jamewils @digitaldutta

We have been trying to get people together at @piratesin but it is very difficult. We were focusing on working together as peers model instead of leaders and followers, as I noticed many well intentioned groups got diluted by its leaders. But finding solutions and framing policies together is a hard task.

@saketgokhale @Vakeel_Sb @ICLU @jhatkaadotorg @naukarshah @sanjayuvacha @AdvManoj @jamewils @digitaldutta

Hey @praveen that's exactly why we need to collaborate and work together. Different people doing different things. I would love to connect and talk about this further. Where are you based out of?

I'm based in Kerala (Kannur/Thrissur, but travel across Kerala and sometimes across India too).

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