I can see many people calling for putting to death the four suspects in the #PriyankaReddy case in the most barbaric way possible. As an abolitionist, I can never support the death penalty. Many years ago, I wrote this on the issue. Please have a look.

It is convenient for people to point at someone and not have to accept their own roles in perpetuating the systemic problems. Because sustainable solutions need patience and hard work, but most people don't have patience or willing to do hard work. They all want quick results and just vent their anger when something goes extreme.

@praveen Exactly. Have a look at this article that I wrote on the mob mentality of our society. I quoted @sanjayuvacha too. A bit old, but very relevant. Have a look:


Abolition of death penalty is first item on manifesto of @piratesin

We are a direct democratic political collective with transparent decision making. You are invited to join us. Also see


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