I think the solution is to create parties that really represent people.
And for that to happen, all the people who just want to blame someone and be done with it have to take a harder task of building political parties that represent people. @Poonamsharma @Iwalkalone @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir @Poonamsharma @Iwalkalone @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
Basically, stop outsourcing politics. Political parties are still something we can build and operate, unlike other institutions. But it is not a convenient solution. Giving up in despair is more convenient. @Poonamsharma @Iwalkalone @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
And what I face is a different problem. No one is willing to join such a party. I have already created one and we are still 5-10 people active in it. Everyone wants to blame politicians but rarely people want to be the good politicians.


We have @piratesin , which is direct democratic, transparent and non-hierarchical organization. All our discussions and decisions are public. See and @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
This does require people to take responsibility, get involved in policy-making, get on the ground talking to people, and not just demand someone else fix things. Since that is not convenient we are still very small for many years.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
We use an online collaboration platform for all discussions and decisions. You can also join and get a feel of how it works and if you think its interesting you can also participate.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
The main group is open to all, the idea is to give everyone a feel of how things work and participate. Then those who want to take the next step can become associates by publicly stating their agreement to our constitution.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
Associates can request membership after working with us for at least 6 months and at least 2 existing members can vouch for them. All members have equal rights. No secretary, president or high command.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
What we noticed about other organizations is dissenters thrown out from the party and only yes men remains with the supreme leader. We value dissent strongly, so no one can be expelled once they become members. So the extra validation steps before membership.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
There is no limit to how many members we can have so people from any background can become members. We'd really like to see more Women, Dalits, Adivasis, LGBT, Muslims and other marginalized groups to get involved.

@Iwalkalone @piratesin @Poonamsharma @Samyukth @ashwin @Vishsai @musafir
Though with main discussions being online and in English, we are yet to find a solution to these two barriers. We have 8 members currently in that 1 Muslim and 1 OBC I know (I have not really looked deeply about others). No women yet.

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