What are we planning to do after this? Even if we succeed?
Should we continue trusting the current political system that allowed this to happen? Or should we get out and be part of creating a new culture of politics?

Passive participation in politics is proved not working, we need active participation. We need to do more than voting every once a while.

#IndiaAgainstCAA #indiaAgainstNRC

@kannan The government is headed by strong-willed authoritarians who sincerely believe in their goal of making India a Hindu nation. They do not care for protests, especially since they have the majority in parliament.

However the protests must go on, even if they don't succeed in the immediate goals of repealing CAA and NRC. (They won't be -- this will likely be a replay of demonetization.)

Greater civic engagement can at least slow down worse laws, and at best train future leaders.


1. They don't have majority in Rajya Sabha, they need support from regional parties still and public pressure did force some of them to back track. So there is a short term success too. 2. We need to actively participate in electoral democracy. If you already are happy with any party, support and help them grow and influence. We also have a very small group at @piratesin , we are always looking for more people to join us. There will likely to be new parties like Bhim Army.

@praveen @sajith @piratesin @kannan These pan India protests are powerful, for people to truly exercise their power they need to organize better by being part of alternative politics. For eg. #IndianPirates is currently a small group of people, with the aspiration to become a political party that are against the current norms by promoting direct democracy internally and respecting dissent by giving voice to everyone. To know more check pirates.org.in

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