invited community members for a meetup on 2nd November to discuss our expectations from them.

We have collected notes from the meetup here

Director initially asked us why there was not much upstream contributions from Kerala, but after everyone shared their contributions (from gnome, Debian, OpenStreetmap, Wikipedia to KSEB free software migration there were significant contributions), he withdrew the question.

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After the discussions are over he told us he agrees with 90% of the demands from the community. He promised to share the minutes and points he agreed on the telegram/matrix group of ICFOSS. Its three weeks already and there is no minutes available. We have written to Director reminding him the same.

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@rovonovozoro even asked them in person about the minutes and they gave some vague answers like they are still preparing the minutes! It appears they were not very serious about the promises. Let's see if the new Director keeps his word.

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@rovonovozoro The new director had a long chat with the community today and promised to implement some demands from the community.

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Even the last director had promised some things but nothing happened on the ground. We are giving the new director benefit of doubt and going to respond to his requests. Let's hope for the best.

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Just adding a screenshot for the record. At least, this time the promises are on a public channel and written so will be harder to ignore like last time. But still we are prepared for an experience like last time, though our response will be different from last time.

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@praveen @rovonovozoro @kannan @bady @akhilvarkey @akhilan @avronr @manoj @soorajkenoth @hacksk @ranjithsiji @akshay Aha , Looks recent. The decision of Professor etc happened last year middle. May be this is to merge ICFOSS with Digital University

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