#5thAugust India:-
- Topped Corona deaths & new cases
- Topped deaths because of floods
- One year of evil behaviour with Kashmir

Indians celebrated mini Diwali. Insane.

It is not only insensitive, but, it is also inhuman. Sadly, most of the Indians have lost their morals and humanity side.
It's was terrible to see in my area people were firing crackers forgetting there is another community too, there is death in someone's house, there is pandemic.
India will meet its fate soon

@Amber the nation is dead. We are duffers to actually think patriotism is a thing.

@itsbhavikjoshi, poor or rich country do not make any difference .. for example, Bhutan a poor country but is very very high on happiness index.
You see.. if a country has a zombie type soul and insensitive and the government or ruling party is a morally corrupt then that country is just waiting for a disaster to happen. Such country cannot survive for long. Unfortunately.

@Amber true. Expecting a nation of such people to show sensitivity or ethics is like expecting pigs to fly. A hard fought independence struggle....seems a huge waste now. People here have shown time & again they don't deserve it.

@itsbhavikjoshi, Yes. religious bigotry has been fuelled with spice of nationalism, a traitor, a liar, criminal has been glorified as hero.
What a shame for India. What a fall.
We used to have leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Shastri, Patel, Ambedkar...
I really don't know how to get rid of this country now. No respect left for Indian voters who are again and again electing rioters and criminals

@Amber they know people are cowards, people proved them right. Some actually put a criminal side by side with Lord Rama, so there is no hope left. Yesterday was organized by those criminals specifically with the intent to show this, that there is no hope left.

But if we echo there is not hope left, we are letting them win without a fight. We need to keep hope alive and wake more people and continue fighting. If you look around people are fighting in even worse situation than us. We still have a chance to beat them in elections, though not sure how long that option will be there.

@praveen ,
Zombies can't be revived.

Looks like our Indian zombies are in love with Evil, they are romancing with fascist evil and the end result of such affair is we already know, disaster.

You can't even say they are unaware and sleeping and you can wake them up, problem is they are pretending to sleep.


@Amber @praveen Even Mahatma Gandhi wouldn't be able to do anything here. Everyone knows that the forces governing us are evil, corrupt & immoral who have also rendered Supreme Court,Election Commision,CBI ,Income Tax Dept,Army...all helpless. Yet, these people keep bowing down to please the evil. They actually want to see things go much worse than this...am from Gujarat, I have seen this monster grow from zero to infinity. Kept hope alive but after 2019 it got tougher & now, all this. .

I don't disagree it has become worse. But is it worse than British rule? There was no hope of changing the govt even. See all states are not rules by BJP, now compare that with China or Iran or Russia. I'm not saying it is easy, but we have to keep fighting and what is essential for that is 1. Don't lose hope 2. Wake up more people. Losing hope is exactly what they aim from these actions. But we should not give up too easily.


@itsbhavikjoshi @Amber
I'm not also saying we can change things in one year, five years or even fifty years, but someone has to start and keep going. I keep repeating this example of our Freedom struggle, many of our freedom fighters did not see Freedom in their lifetime, were their efforts wasted? Without their efforts could those who came after them succeed?

@praveen @Amber one has to live. No, our country doesnot deserve any fight anymore, our own countrymen are not ready to unite anymore. Its been many years now, things keep getting worse. The constant dose of negativity has to end, people during the British rule were actually ready to change things, help freedom fighter in their own way. This India is much worse than that. It wants to stay caged. Fighting a lone battle today means putting family at risk. Not worth it anymore.

@itsbhavikjoshi @praveen I agree with you Bhavik. Let this Corona thing be over I will try to go abroad

@Amber @praveen you must, my chance was destroyed by demonetisation-gst era. But the very thought of starting my family in a place like this makes me cringe. Make a life far away from this torturous place, but do stay loyal & never behave like those traitor-NRIs who pretend sab changa si. Try to get the hidden truths out.

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