By reviving contempt case against Prashant Bhushan, Supreme Court resurrects larger controversies

The fate of a sealed cover filed by Shanti Bhushan, alleging corruption by former CJIs, hangs in the balance.

@praveen It is both embarrassing that the Supreme Court provides so much time for narcissistic masturbation. And then have their own corrupt dealings now brought to their attention. They should stick to imprisoning activists whom lawyers don't give a shit about either.

I think they underestimated the impact of this case. Or they just did not care to even appear fair.

@praveen Twin crisis over till the next one. Yeah its hilarious either way. Those who come to courts of equity should come with clean hands

@praveen Although my reading of it was they made a mistake of going for a rich fat arsed brahmin with political connections. If they take him down it will make all the other rich fat arsed brahmins nervous and then what would be the point of being a rich fat arsed brahmin in the first place. But then again they've issued warrants against High Court judges in India and vice versa. Make a brilliant netflix miniseries.

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