Afraid of Angering BJP, Facebook Ignored Hate Speech Rules for Party's Anti-Muslim Posts: Report

A report in the Wall Street Journal, quoting unnamed current and former FB officials, alleges a top Facebook India official opposed taking down hate speech posts by a BJP MLA over worries it would damage the company's business prospects in India.

@praveen that's not new. #Facebook has been notorious for favoring the ruling party and manupulating the public with such actions. This has been observed in many countries around the world.

they have been confronted with that exact question many times in the past too. and all they say is, "we're sorry, we should've known better. we should've done better. we will do better".

This time it is about India. Apparently most people only care if they are personally affected. At least if the people who don't support BJP realize the platform is not neutral, that is good.

@shine I think we should use this revelation to ask people to boycott Facebbok and WhatsApp. This is something people can act on, boycott and ask others to boycott. I proposed @piratesin call for boycott of Facebook and WhatsApp Join me.

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