Looking for some volunteers to test the diaspora-installer package in .

All it takes is setting up a lxc container or vm locally, installing diaspora package and testing it in a browser on your host machine (create an account, post some status, share some photos etc).

Keep the package updated when new versions are released. Let me know if you are interested.

I was not very actively maintaining this package for some time, now planning to be more active.

Even though development is very slow, it looks like next release 0.8 will have some much sought after features of pod migration and API support.

Once API support is releases, hopefully we will see better mobile applications and possibly that was one of reasons why it did not become popular.

Also after , probably people are more open to trying alternatives, at least some folks in my contact list here started using diaspora recently.

While trying to update on I found some bugs and fixed it. There is more work to be done to update it to the most recent release and test it. There was a complicated bug fix needed when trying to have both diaspora and diaspora-installer packages together which made me postpone working on it. But finally trying to get in shape, motivated me to fix the situation.

For those who are curious about the complexity, I have documented the steps here

Basically editing 3 configuration files (single line change) and answering some interactive questions.

If you have a public ip address, that would be just answering interactive questions. Editing configuration files is required to map ip address to a domain name.

@praveen It's very nice seeing progress on Diaspora development. It was the first decentralized social network I joined and I'm rather fond of it, even if I no longer use it. Also, it has one of my favourite UI of the decentralized social networks I know. :)

Even though I don't use it actively these days. I have a strong attachment to it.

No, I don't think they are planning to implement it. Diaspora core developers think there are problems with ActivityPub protocol.

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