After many years of packaging work by many contributors, today I was able to install native debian package.

Out of 101 direct dependencies and 223 total dependencies, only 7 of them needed to be handled outside of debian packages.

autprefixer-rails gem had to be installed from because debian does not have browserify packaged and building with rollup and webpack created a broken bundle.

-diaspora -packaging (1/2)


If any of you are good in or , I'd appreciate some help to fix these remaining issues.

If you are good in you can help test the package or help with running on production.

-diaspora -packaging

@njoseph is there a development branch for where we can start testing diaspora ?

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@praveen The code for Diaspora app is still in the main branch but disabled. I'm not sure though if the code and configuration from 2 years ago still works since there's a major version change in Diaspora.

This is the line where it is disabled

@njoseph thanks, I will check this later once I get the package in a good shape. I need to debug some front end ui jsvascript issues first.

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