Follow is just copying
Software and shamelessly calling it 'Made in '. It is made by people from around the world and shared freely.

Either they did not write even a single line or they are violating the license, which requires them to publish their changes. They are linking to original code in project repos (which is a fork of ).

Even the terms of service is just copied with references to first amendment in the USA.

allows anyone to use, share, modify and redistribute software. But you are still required to follow the specific conditions of the copyright license. You cannot claim copyright to code written by others.

This is not the first instance of such false claims. It has become a trend to take Free Software, falsely and shamelessly claim as 'Made in ', without writing even a single line of code. Beware of such frauds and promote the Free Software idea, if you notice such instances.

@praveen What was even more sad to see was the Indian "liberals" failing to even educate themselves on what this means and spewing false statements about it. I heard things like, "BJP members were able to open accounts there", while in all probability, the creators of the site themselves must have set up cross posting bots.

It's embarrassing for the technical literacy of the country.

@praveen I thought before, this kind of cases only happens in Indonesia. Now I know people of India also see such cases.

Nice share, Praveen. Now let us spread Free Software Definition


@Pirate Praveen They do mention in the about page that they are fork of mastodon. In fact they seem to be forking gab. Do they federate?

@praveen Also, why this ridiculous requirement to allow gmail and yahoo mail only? 🤨 not so swadeshi after all..

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