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Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

Version 2 of the info graphics with clearer recommendations ( - Reject, - Be careful, - OK, /#Quicksy/#XMPP - recommended, - recommended).

@praveen missing @delta, a flexible client based on #imap : why not using existing infrastructure in a clever way? :)

It is not an exhaustive list, but the idea is to teach concepts that anyone can use to evaluate the app/service they use.

@praveen thank you very much. First time to see a comparison like this I think it's fair. However, for the 5th, I also suggest #Session messenger.

Plus, my friend Praveen, I invite you and Indian friends to my fun poll about #Messengers it's 2 days and almost 800 people participating (and counting).

I bookmarked this!

This is to teach the basic concepts of Free Software + federation and later we may create repository for evaluating all apps based on these criteria.

@praveen really nice diagram!

Still glosses over no group e2ee with telwgram, and e2ee turned off by default, but hey, other than that the vwat I've seen recently!

@praveen I have boosted and will also share on my website / blog if that helps.

The more people share and understand these concepts, the better.

@praveen I will try and promote further as best I can.

As I am also involved with various tech groups then I can also invite people in to discuss further.

XMPP is already mentioned in the article. In the info graphics, both and are clients.


Was going for installing Quicksy but interrupted when was asked for phone number which I regard as no-go.

Could not find Dino neither on Fdroid nor Auroradroid.

Can you pls add app names Blabber and Stork or a generic entry for XMPP?

#xmpp #dino #quicksy

@praveen This is a good comparison, friend. Wrt Signal I get a request to install Google Mobile Services and to grant GMS permission access to SMS, otherwise #signal will not proceed beyond registration. #telegram doesn't require big brother google

@trumanity You can download Signal apk which does not require google play services from

@praveen I will try this version direct from the site though. tbh, I am not keen because contacts will most likely use the version from playstore which is geared for google spying on our connections with one another. They will have my number in THEIR address book and Google and signal will then have access to my number via those users. Bulk Data analysis is what we are trying to avoid, so using signal doesn't make any sense to me.

It is about dependency on Google, I don't think Google will get any info because Signal uses Google Messaging Service. It just tells Android to start Signal and check messages. All data and metadata is handled by Signal then. If you like to avoid sharing phone number, try or . Quicksy is available in fdroid and works without Google Messaging enabled and has same usability of Signal but needs phone number.

Nice list, only sad to see that end to end encryption and metadata handling aren't included, which are very important regarding messengers.

Metadata handling is important when you are using a centralized service. With federated services, you can self host and have full control over metadata.

True, but for 99 percent of everyone I know, self hosting isn't an option and then you have to trust the host because they'd (obviously) not let you have a look on the server to check what's actually running on there.
So that basically also comes down to complete trust, but when you add the fact that the host can access all metadata... I surely hope they don't store metadata/messages longer than necessary and provide a sealed sender option.

There are people who has a track record of fighting for privacy just like what Signal claims who run these services. for example. Some of them has been fighting for many years before even Signal existed. So it is not like either Signal or self hosting, there are many options in the middle.

Oh I fully agree with that! I'm just saying that, as long as you can't peek into a server (whether ran by a non-profit, commercial party, volunteer... you name it, you cannot verify anything on the server side so imo, just that its decentralized doesn't mean it should be trusted more on that regard.

I'm a huge signal fan but I'd love to also use Matrix and such.
I just find that it reveals too much metadata and the lack of a sealed sender option...

I'm not saying trust because it is decentralized. But because it is decentralized, you can find a trusted organization or in case there are none, you can host it yourself.

only has client app as Free Software. So something better than but not as good as because Signal provides server side also as Free Software. It has some good features compared to Signal because it does not mandate a phone number. Also hosted in Europe may be an advantage.

@Hiker @praveen well, threema is not completely for free (you have to pay once, but than : no ads or other things that would bother you)

@monumentale Yes I know. But it seems that for the majority of users apps have to be "free" - some few coins are too much. @praveen

@praveen tox is experimental and highly insecure. I would not recommend that one to anyone at this time. But I love the concept.

Yes, p2p has to evolve still to be a complete replacement, but from the point of view of privacy and freedom, it is the best option. Briar is pretty good.


What about GoldBug? I've just discovered it and no one seems to be talking about it?

I'm hearing about it for the first time as well.

It seems like a network like tor or gnunet from a first look. Hopefully someone else can explain it better. From the looks, it seems promising and uses very advanced cryptography.

Another solution that is also one of the few apps that supports the General Data Protection Regulation: #Threema

മീനവിയൽ ഇൻ പാരലൽ യൂണിവേഴ്സ്..

@praveen wouldn't just say, "be careful" about telegram as it only has transport encryption not e2e encryption by default and not even allowes e2ee in groupchats. i would not recommend it at all.

That is why it is marked as be careful. People still have an option to turn on secret chats. The recommended ones are federated and p2p options. The info graphics is comparison of all options, all of them are not recommended.

@praveen Hi, thank you for thisillustration. Can I use it and translate it in French? If you have the original file could be better for me ^^ :)

@praveen I Just included this on the website (replaced the image link with the new one)

Would it be possible to perhaps insert the version number in the bottom corner please. That way people know which one they are looking at ?

@praveen Also... This is a great infographic picture. I think it may be extremely useful for average users.
I'd like to translate/adapt this chart in order to use it around me. Do you think we can access the original, editable file?
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