Please support Jitsi Meet Crowdfunding Campaign | Free Software Community of India

This service is run by community to offer privacy and freedom to public. But it requires your support to run.

You are invited to use for all your online meetings.

Also see to learn more about problems of popular meeting platforms.

@praveen didn't the online free software camp last year speak more about #BigBlueButton ? Even the #LibrePlanet 2020 write-up mentioned that they will try BBB next instead of Jitsi+gstreamer+icecast (wonder what they did for 2021). FSF page lists BBB as reliable.

BBB might be particularly relevant as a CoVID opportunity. Some of the teaching community switching to it for classes might convince students' parents too to switch to it for communication.

BBB and Jitsi both have its pros and cons. BBB needs a more powerful server, can handle more users and has more features. Jitsi server requirement is lesser with more load on clients. Jitsi is more resilient with connection breaks but BBB needs a steady connection. We can choose any based on our requirement.

@praveen Neat, thanks for the information.

BTW, will the current funding status be displayed on the funding page? Just curious, and I too want to contribute my mite in appreciation of the effort (also to avoid feeling guilty of free-loading!).

In fact, if there is a need and a possibility to cluster servers (for, or or offload compute, I can keep my middling-in-2012 APU PC online to serve the load.

Yes, that is planned, but we don't have many volunteers to maintain our websites, so it will take some time. More volunteers to update websites are also welcome. Also more volunteers to help with system administration is welcome.

@praveen willing to learn along the way (am just a C++ slinging dev, but have run Debian at home on and off since 2.2 'potato'). i do wish there was more Erlang on the backend everywhere ( XMPP is Prosody, isn't it).

Prosody is lua. If you are on matrix, send me your id as DM. We usually use matrix for team collaboration.

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