A sad day for , forgets its legacy in leading the world and falls for Google's 'free of cost' service.

I think we should educate teachers and general public about dangers of surveillance capitalism where you pay with your data, privacy and even at the cost of losing our political agency to big companies. is providing 'Free of Cost' only because they know to make money out of people's data and has a monopoly in online ads. Would you join me?

@praveen Where I can find detailed information about latest status of FLOSS usage by Kerala gvnt? As far as I remember, there was some law there. Am I right?

What FLOSS community in Kerala has done in regard to online education?

@praveen I really like to follow progress in Kerala regarding Free Software adoption. Any other resource do you suggest me to follow?

I wish bests for you.

You can follow @smc and also (though not specific to Kerala, important developments pop up there from time to time).

@praveen People fail to realize that Google is not their mom that it will do something for them free-of-cost.

Yes, it is a hard battle. I think many don't really understand the business models or those who understand don't value their privacy. Unfortunately nothing to hide argument works for a lot of people, even when they see innocents go to jail for speaking up truth to power.

@praveen anything to do with the new government (even if it is a re-elected one)?

I think it is short sightedness and lack of deep understanding and conviction. I think of it like the story of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata who only heard about breaking the Chakravuha but not could not figure out coming out of it by himself. So some people heard about Free Software on their own computers but can't connect when they only use the software run by others. This is also harder problem than before. Free of cost played a bigger role than freedom earlier.

@praveen @wyatwerp Using Proprietary software because it is free is like becoming a slave because you're getting food from your master

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