Daily reminder that for many blind people, #Apple is the most useful and productive mobile operating system. It's not that Android is hard to use, but when text selection, especially on the web and in email, is from hard to impossible, and when one cannot spell check what they've written, and typing is either a minor annoyance (braille (input not registering sometimes) onscreen keyboard (very slow usually) external keyboard (yet another device to manage)), you begin to understand why people who don't enjoy customization, or getting the "most" out of a device choose iOS, especially for accessibility, and the AI of image recognition and such. And FOSS phones, like the PinePhone, won't be accessible until Orca/ATSPI can communicate with touch screens, and that won't happen without developers.

So, when you get that urge to say "I told you so you Apple sheeple, you should have been using FOSS!" Try to remember that some people don't have much of a choice.

#a11y #FOSS #PinePhone


I agree it is a sad situation for some. But there are people with choice still choosing .

@praveen I don't think I ever said that there aren't people who have choice. I began and ended this post talking about blind people like *me*. And yeah, some blind people who are great with technology, especially those who know how to code and who could help make things better, should be using Android and helping bring more choice to those like me, who do not know how to code. But yeah there are definitely people who have the choice. That doesn't make the lack of choice by people with disabilities, particularly sensory disabilities, any better at all.

Also contributions is not limited to people who can code, there are so many ways for people to contribute in general (not specific to orca support). Convincing more people to care about Free Software and privacy don't need so much technical skills. So some of the people who you help convince may have coding skills, also many developers appreciate donations.

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