@matrix Any chance you can prioritize github.com/matrix-org/matrix-b ? Currently people joining matrix rooms via XMPP apps don't get a good experience as they miss all offline messages.

I have created an xmpp public channel to work with people interested in this feature. Join and help out in the crowd funding campaign.


OK we found people to work on this, they were part of project and worked with me on adding yarn plugin for apt in . But no crowd funding platforms support payments to Nigeria. Would you know any organizations in Europe of US who can help with setting up a crowd funding campaign and then pay them directly?

@wendy @conservancy thanks we thought of SFC and planning to write to them. Do you know if open collective support payments to Nigeria?

@wendy @conservancy @sonnie is contacting SFC to check the possibility of them handling the funds.

@wendy @sonnie
We got a reply from @conservancy they usually support only projects affiliated with them.

@praveen @sonnie @conservancy hi, that's a great pity! Can they give advice on payments outside of the US / PayPal / stripe realm? They have that knowledge, or perhaps know people who do.


We know Western Union works, but it won't scale for crowd funding. We are planning to use a personal account of someone we know in Europe. I think currently the projects/developers drive fund raising and priority what we are trying to do is not traditional approach, we are trying to raise funds for a feature that the project/developers (matrix.org) don't consider a priority, but it is important for interoperability and a priority for users.
@sonnie @conservancy

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