I was working on creating a package for (a learning management system) for some days.

After troubleshooting many issues, I finally got to a point where I can start the app and visit on a browser.

There is still more fine tuning required before it is ready for production. More testing is welcome, let me know if you are interested.

package available for testing at Warning: only for testing, not ready for production

It was fast because it uses ruby and node dependencies from outside . So it is suitable only for contrib section and not main section of Debian. This is probably the best compromise for large, complex and fast changing software. It still uses official packages when available (like postgresql, puma, rails etc) and only takes unpackaged ruby libraries from outside. For node, it takes all dependencies from outside (except for node and yarn), hoping to get to hybrid approach soon.

@bady A better screenshot after stylesheets and other assets configured correctly.

@bady though it needs recaptcha service currently to be able to login :(

Opened an issue to make it optional

@praveen oh, i see that you're contributing to the project in many ways! :)

@bady Now I'm kind of stuck as I don't want to use recaptcha service. I can understand the head ache of having to deal with spam sign ups. But having to use recaptcha even if I just want to create users manually is a pity. They are open to pull requests and I need to find a rails dev to implement it.

This is a call for help to all on developers, can you help implement simple captcha in pupilfirst ?

@praveen that's sad. but yeah, let's see if we can get any rails dev.

@bady After fiddling with the code I managed to show password login option always and login, though it certainly is a hack and not a proper solution.

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