Matrix-XMPP bridge has a limitation that XMPP users miss messages posted in the groups hosted on matrix when they were offline. Sunday Nkwuda and Olatunji Ajayi, with help from team formed by @praveen, including me, are planning to fix the problem. Please help us in raising funds so that we can fix the limitation. Check fundraiser here

Many thanks to the XMPP Standards Foundation for serving as fiscal host for the fundraising.

#Matrix #XMPP #FreeSoftware

@praveen This is the power of free software. Users get the source code so they can fix the problems or introduce features. Also, we can share the modifications with others so that everyone gets the benefit of the development.

If the software was nonfree, this was not possible. We had to beg the developer and even then there is no guarantee that the developer would fix it.


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