project is a plan to get a lot of people to invest small amounts to run an interoperable messaging service that is easier to join and discover contacts.

It will be based on which gives a similar experience to without locking users to its service by interoperability with any service provider.

We want to offer this service under a multi state cooperative society in India. Would you join the cooperative?

Learn more at

@praveen just posted about Prav, a platform cooperative out of India using Quicksy as a base for an XMPP chat hosting service and branded app. This project is similar in spirit to @snikket_im . Would be great to harmonize UX between the two.

#PravApp #XMPP #Snikket

Yes, the idea to provide a branded app on multiple platforms is similar to
@snikket_im More collaboration across client developers to agree on common UX is required.

@praveen I have been wondering why single-purpose apps work for people rather than multi-purpose apps like Hubzilla (even accounting for UX ... deficiencies, and hosting headaches). But I have also seen immense pushback in a community Whatsapp group to clicking on an Etherpad document link to make a collaborative checklist, they preferred error-prone copy-paste-edit messaging!

Anyway, is there any evidence another chat (only) app will attract people? No network of people I know got on Quicksy when it gathered momentum, but there is selective consolidation on Telegram.

I think the sleeper hit of sorts has been small Nextcloud/ownCloud instances run by 1 member. Would co-op hosting for that have a better chance of uptake?

@strypey @snikket_im @deadsuperhero

The approach here is not to choose what works, but choose what is important. We might not succeed, but not trying to replace WhatsApp is a failure in itself. We have to stop looking for what is convenient or likely to succeed and instead take up what is the most important. Yes, it might not succeed. But we are willing to try and fail. You can't make big changes if you just look at what is currently possible.
@strypey @snikket_im @deadsuperhero

@praveen that is my question, then. Is messaging the most important to your perceived target audience? I know you have been associated with volunteer XMPP, Matrix and Diaspora hosting, hence the question.

XMPP is attractive, but let us talk at feature level and consider AP too. Why not something like Libervia or Movim or Epicyon?

Why not provide stable centralized URI's separate from hosting of services? This is a great opportunity to share infrastructure and maintainence for e-mail and for VPN, for example.

P.S: In principle, I would be happy to join - great option to stop being a freeloader!

@strypey @snikket_im

I think that approach is also problematic - thinking people already know or have freedom to choose. WhatsApp is locking users, even you think it is bad and want to choose another, your contacts - your boss, teachers or others you can't easily refuse forces you to use it. So the foremost goal is to break lock-in. As for other software you mentioned, it may be attractive to people already aware. Something that works similar to WhatsApp has best chance for masses.
@strypey @snikket_im

The whole point is, masses were not accepting a different way of doing. So with we offer exact same experience they want, still allowing people wanting to self host that freedom without getting disconnected or being forced to use WhatsApp for important contacts.
@strypey @snikket_im

Another thing is, we all have been trying individually so far to fight against these centralized services. But unlike in the desktop, network effects means we are not going to succeed with individual efforts. It needs a coordinated, and collective effort that targets many people at once. Prav is also that, not just a hosting project.
@strypey @snikket_im @deadsuperhero

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