and are two federated/decentralized instant messaging protocols. Both has its pros and cons. bridge is an effort to connect these two protocols. Currently the bridge does not support offline messages for XMPP users, making it unreliable for XMPP users.

The bridge being we want to fix this problem by adding support for offline messages to the bridge.

Join our meeting on 4 Nov 2021 meeting 6 PM IST / 12:30 PM GMT if you like to help.

We have an Open Collective at

Contribute to this fund raising campaign so we can fund two developers to work full time on this project for one month.

Spread the word so more people know about this campaign.

We found a missing feature in a Free Software we use and we are taking advantage of the freedom to modify the software. We need your help to make it happen.

@praveen Does the bridge send messages to XMPP users even after they have left the MUC? I need to block Matrix MUCs when I want to leave them.

If you leave the muc, you won't get messages. If you rejoin, you will see old messages.


Where i can find the source code for what aria-net uses?

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