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Give Up GitHub!

On Wednesday 29 June 2022, we began calling on all FOSS developers to give up on GitHub.

I fully endorse this campaign. Some of us maintain a public instance for many years at

@praveen I will leave Github once Gitea speaks useful Activitypub

@astro @praveen have you asked the Gitea folks when this might happen? ❤️

Are there tickets describing what "useful" ActivityPub support entails?

@astro @praveen uh, I've left already when the microsoft bought them. First went to #sourcehut but then my friends set up #gitea and I'm now there. I love both services, especially the #srcht design is awesome.

@praveen Nice, but sadly gitlab is a proprietary trick that is equally as bad as github.
To see what I mean first; `git clone`
Then look in LICENSE;
"Portions of this software are licensed as follows:"
"* All client-side JavaScript (when served directly or after being compiled, arranged, augmented, or combined), is licensed under the "MIT Expat" license." (note the after part)
Then have a look in: app/assets/javascripts
Most of the JavaScript files lack a license and aren't served directly, which makes them proprietary software.

Only some parts (usually relevant for big organizations) are proprietary. is entirely Free Software. We self host this version at and many others self host it too. So it is clearly not the same as Github which does not give any source code.

These days most projects only have a top level LICENSE file covering all files and does not have license plates information per file. So I don't think there is any confusion regarding license.

@praveen >These days most projects only have a top level LICENSE file covering all files
I'm sorry, that's the bandwagon fallacy.
Sure, a bunch of projects follow bad licensing practices, but that doesn't mean such is a good thing and you should do the same.
>I don't think there is any confusion regarding license
There is no confusion regarding license, I just noted what the LICENSE file says and how that makes most of the client side JavaScript proprietary software.
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