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Privilege to Innovate by @akshay

They say Indians aren’t innovative in the tech space. Ever wondered why?


Cartoonists seem to be a last bastion of conscience and sanity in India, among the media fraternity :)


'ഇന്ത്യയില്‍ സ്വതന്ത്രവും നീതിയുക്തവുമായ വിചാരണ നടക്കില്ല'; നീരവ് മോദിയെ ഇന്ത്യയ്ക്ക് കൈമാറണമെന്ന സര്‍ക്കാരിന്റെ അപേക്ഷയ്‌ക്കെതിരെ കട്ജു യു.കെ കോടതിയില്‍

#KanganaRanaut gets Y security for a twitter spat with a maharashtra minister that she started abusively. #RheaChakraborty gets mobocracy from pretty much everyone from an abusive society to a psychopathic media. And yet she has refused to even take anticipatory bail. Sign of our times. But know the difference.#sushantsinghrajput electronic voting machines which decides who rules us, to people who collect and sell our private data and influence our financial and political choices.

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Whichever word you choose, understand the difference and make a careful choice. I prefer to use the term Free Software and avoid Open Source as the important aspect of this software for me is being in control of my life (our life by working together with others who share my same goals), by not giving up control on software to big companies in the name of convenience as software is playing bigger and bigger roles in our lives, from medical devices that are part of our bodies...

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In almost all cases (except for a few handful of exceptions), people call the same underlying software as , , FOSS or FLOSS or in any name in different languages like Libre Software or Swathanthra Software or Mukt Software. The name shows what characteristics of the software they want to highlight and promote. Free Software wants to highlight ethical choices of being in control and sharing and Open Source highlights practical benefits to creating better software.

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The real question is which of those characteristics are important for you and you want to highlight and promote.

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The real reason why people associate with one or the other term is philosophy. So the answer to "why is important" will be different from "why is important". You can think of it like the story of some blind people describing an elephant. They all saw the same elephant but different parts of it and hence their descriptions were different. There are different characteristics for software developed collaboratively and shared/improved as digital commons. (2/2)

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This was a question raised in matrix group today.

> Is there a community promoting a "Free " software that is not "Open Source" ?

That is not the real question. If you strictly look at software using licenses approved by Open Source Initiative and not approved by Free Software Foundation, they are a negligible number for any practical purpose. (1/2)

@praveen It's very nice seeing progress on Diaspora development. It was the first decentralized social network I joined and I'm rather fond of it, even if I no longer use it. Also, it has one of my favourite UI of the decentralized social networks I know. :)

"We declare here – and hope those holding highest office in the country hear us loud and clear – that the government will never succeed in silencing us, and will never succeed in taking away from us the dream we inherited from our freedom struggle, the dream of together building a country which is just, and equal, and kind."

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We will not be silenced: Harsh Mander on the Delhi violence case.

"The objective of the government is transparent: to destroy the basic guarantees and freedoms of our Constitution.

The effort of the Indian state, facilitated by the Delhi Police, is to crush our voices, our dissent, and our struggles to uphold our Constitution."

#DelhiRiots #DelhiViolence #CAA #NRC

RT @shireenazam
I mean what is happening to Rhea is terrible but very intrigued by people describing it as the lowest point of India’s journalism. I mean we have been convinced that Kashmiris loved being stripped away of statehood and human rights, that a Dalit professor plotted to kill Modi,

Look what I have. Thanks to guix devs I can use gnu hurd in virtual machine that starts with my system.

See hurd-vm-service-type

urge people to centralized social media platforms like & which have really bad track records when it comes to of the users or influencing political choices of users or siding with ruling parties. We recommend switching to like , , & .

Read full statement at

For those who are curious about the complexity, I have documented the steps here

Basically editing 3 configuration files (single line change) and answering some interactive questions.

If you have a public ip address, that would be just answering interactive questions. Editing configuration files is required to map ip address to a domain name.

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While trying to update on I found some bugs and fixed it. There is more work to be done to update it to the most recent release and test it. There was a complicated bug fix needed when trying to have both diaspora and diaspora-installer packages together which made me postpone working on it. But finally trying to get in shape, motivated me to fix the situation.

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Even though development is very slow, it looks like next release 0.8 will have some much sought after features of pod migration and API support.

Once API support is releases, hopefully we will see better mobile applications and possibly that was one of reasons why it did not become popular.

Also after , probably people are more open to trying alternatives, at least some folks in my contact list here started using diaspora recently.

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