This pandemic is really showing us the true colors of our politicians and businessmen.

Pay close attention to the way they act during these challenging times. Are they being selfish, or are they being selfless?

"I don't mean to spread panic, but..."

*spreads panic

*While on community lockdown

Extroverts: "I'm so bored I'm going crazy! I can't stay home for a month and do nothing!

Me, an introvert:

Switched from Reddit to SaidIt. The SaidIt peeps are much more sane. 👌🏼

A big THANK YOU to the heroes of this pandemic!

- Medical workers
- Police, Military, and Security personnel
- Cleaners
- Grocery and Pharmacy staff
- Food Delivery Peeps

People I cannot deal with during this Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Those who don't admit having symptoms.
2. People escaping quarantine.
3. People who are against lockdowns.
4. Overly panicky people.
5. Overly complacent people.
6. Those who hoard the groceries, especially for medical supplies.
7. Those who still insist on roaming around and travelling.

Finding your "soulmate" and getting married through a reality tv game show is one of the most degenerate things ever produced by mainstream media.

I feel like this Covid19 pandemic will change the world in so many different ways once it's done.
I'm guessing cashless transactions will be the new norm. And dare I even think about tracking chips?

If I'm not mistaken, our privacy may be at stake when this is all over.


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