Was planning to stay up to watch the perseids meteor shower tonight but its cloudy.

I was expecting emerge in gentoo to take a little longer than other package managers, but turns out it takes WAY longer

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Well, rip. The Act Age was axed after the arrest of the author who was arrested for assauting two junior high girls. Too bad because it was pretty popular and I was looking forward to it getting a good ending. I suppose social responsobility shorld come first for the publishing company though.


Classes start again in two weeks, *sigh*.

For a challenge, ima try installing gentoo with a custom kernel. There goes my social life for a week...

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GPU-Accelerated Primal Learning for Extremely Fast Large-Scale Classification. (arXiv:2008.03433v1 [cs.LG]) arxiv.org/abs/2008.03433

Right on the character limit, had to rephrase some things to make it fit :blobsunglasses:

Show thread

Watched the first three episodes of today, and I am hooked. Don't know why I didn't watch it earlier. Very nice animation and artwork, as expected from a kyoani show. Shot composition was amazing. Your eyes are led smoothly around the screen. Plot was also great.10/10, a masterpiece.

The kyoani arson attack on Jul 18, 2019 was a shattering blow to the families and friends of the 36 killed and 33 injured. It was a huge blow for the animation industry in general.

I rollerbladed 30km today and now my ankles feel like their about to fall off

I tried for a week. It was better than I expected. Getting your thoughts down on paper is surprisingly contenting.

Just finished reading Gunslinger Girl. It was a nice read, but at the beginning I had trouble differentiating between the characters cause they all looked too similar. Got better as I went though. The artwork was nice though it would have been better to add some more panel variation. Overall, plot was good, not too overboard and well paced. 8/10.

Oof, I migrated accounts and forgot to backup so I lost most of my data


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