I switched from sudo to doas today, been good so far. doas definetly feels faster than sudo.

Just finished watching Plastic Memories. So sad 😒

So turns out I almost lost all my data due to hard drive failure. I was using full disk encryption, so I thought my data was gone for sure, but turns out I was incredibly lucky, as the LUKS header somehow remained untouched, so I was able to unlock the drive and use testdisk to copy the recovered files (phew)

Woah, I haven't posted in a while. Got kinda busy, haha.

Honestly, I should probably look into trying wayland.

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Stop. Using. Firefox. 

Use Pale Moon, Icecat, or Librewolf instead.

Still cringing whenever I look at my screentime stats from the time covid started to now

Today was a productive day I guess: Did some writing, coded for a bit, played around with my synth, made some progress learning japanese, and baked a pie.

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A friend gifted me a Yamaha MOXF8 synthesizer! So happy πŸ˜„

I got way too many chocolates for Christmas

GTK 2 is a pain to deal with, I'm trying to get my theme to look better but there is always a visual difference between GTK 2 and GTK 3. Bugs were worked around instead of fixed. I'm glad it's mainly been replaced by newer versions now.

Finally finished my colorscheme, made a matching gtk and icon theme, and vim theme (which is still a work in progress). Created a repo for the theme: github.com/rayes0/sayo

Vim themes on the other hand are pretty easy, I'm quite pleased with my progress so far

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Creating a gtk theme is harder than I thought, and I'm not even doing it from scratch...

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