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Alright fedi, solve the argument for my wife and I.

How many holes does a straw have?

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FYI the "echo" command is basically made out of footguns and should never be used in a shell script - use printf(1) instead.

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Pretty sick beat drop mixing with piano and bass sounds👌



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I need to use Searx more often as I really like it. I just usually default to DDG search in Bromite or FF; old habits. Speaking of that, if you're looking for a Searx instance, check mine out and please freely enjoy: searx.adikos.net/

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Youtube-dl getting taken down is bad, and a zillion mirrors instantly springing up is good and necessary, but how about:

-> stop using youtube
-> stop using github
-> stop giving money to RIAA members

I should really stop reading near my bedtime. Once I pick up a book and it starts getting good, half the night is gone before I know it.

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Today is a reminder that you never truly master a technique. You merely get to where less skilled people think that you've mastered it. #writing

tfw you forget to update your apps for a while and then get a boatload of updates

Translaters usually get a lot of hate nowadays, no matter how good they are there always seems to be someone complaining about the quality of a translation. The effort it takes to masterfully render one language to another keeping a natural tone with all the nuances is underappreciated.

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Currently reading through the novel series Spice&Wolf and I'm surprised by the quality considering that it's a translation.

I just realized today that I lost my 94 day anki streak because I was sick. Wish I could turn back time...

Wow, I'm surprised that Soulseek is still alive. Last time I used it was years ago. Downloading some flac files... 🎶

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A year's worth of growth from my bamboo plant. It's my first time and I didn't have much experience which is why there's a bit of tip burn. Taking care of it has been really nice, though.

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Why are computer games so huge these days?

8 GB - average Debian install on a server

20 GB - my Arch install

30 GB - a backup of a postgres database for three web services I admin, which have been running for almost a decade

60 GB - Divinity: Original Sin 2

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