@riko An under-appreciated "feature" of is that the server doesn't keep logs of your conversation forever.

@njoseph @riko It reminded me of the article I wrote 3 years ago on roughly the same topic :D


Even when I have to admit, that I for myself simply use Matrix instead these days, I still appreciate the simplicity of IRC.

Handed over my IRC network at the beginning of 2020 to some more regular users than me. :D

@njoseph @riko it is difficult to know for sure, isn't it? It just may be repudiable.

@wyatwerp @njoseph Depends on the server I think. Probably a good idea to check their privacy policy before connecting. However, even if the server doesn't keep logs, users are still free to do so and may even potentially publish them.

Ultimately, it's still a public environment so if you wouldn't say it in person, then don't say it on IRC.

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