A year's worth of growth from my bamboo plant. It's my first time and I didn't have much experience which is why there's a bit of tip burn. Taking care of it has been really nice, though.

In order to commemorate the final printed proofs for the comic Pepper&Carrot, I decided to theme my Fedora desktop around some of the wallpapers here: peppercarrot.com/en/static6/so

I was quite pleased the end results, and so I decided to post some screenshots.

Thank you to @davidrevoy for creating a wonderful comic and promoting the use of FOSS software in general!

Slim launcher is an amazingly minimalist and functional launcher for getting things done.

More screenshots, featuring nnn file manager, rofi+dmenu, firefox with custom css, and flashcards

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Riced my friend's computer, ready for the new online semster!

Distro: 32
WM: spectrwm
Terminal: kitty


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