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Today is a reminder that you never truly master a technique. You merely get to where less skilled people think that you've mastered it. #writing

tfw you forget to update your apps for a while and then get a boatload of updates

Translaters usually get a lot of hate nowadays, no matter how good they are there always seems to be someone complaining about the quality of a translation. The effort it takes to masterfully render one language to another keeping a natural tone with all the nuances is underappreciated.

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Currently reading through the novel series Spice&Wolf and I'm surprised by the quality considering that it's a translation.

I just realized today that I lost my 94 day anki streak because I was sick. Wish I could turn back time...

Wow, I'm surprised that Soulseek is still alive. Last time I used it was years ago. Downloading some flac files... 🎢

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A year's worth of growth from my bamboo plant. It's my first time and I didn't have much experience which is why there's a bit of tip burn. Taking care of it has been really nice, though.

@wyatwerp @njoseph Depends on the server I think. Probably a good idea to check their privacy policy before connecting. However, even if the server doesn't keep logs, users are still free to do so and may even potentially publish them.

Ultimately, it's still a public environment so if you wouldn't say it in person, then don't say it on IRC.

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Why are computer games so huge these days?

8 GB - average Debian install on a server

20 GB - my Arch install

30 GB - a backup of a postgres database for three web services I admin, which have been running for almost a decade

60 GB - Divinity: Original Sin 2

Right now my CPU is probably more effective at keeping me warm than my actual heater.


@masstransitkrow Interesting, never heard of them, though the premise sounds basically the same as flatpak or snap. It is also sandboxed such that packages are seperated from each other and need specific permissions for certain directories?

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@Moon Oh, I see. In that case, afaik ClamAV is the only reputable open source one available (don't quote me on that though). I believe there are some proprietary ones available, but I'm pretty sure you don't wanna resort to those...

@Moon Do you run any sort of firewall? Firewalld and SElinux should be enough for a typical user I think. And remove unneccessary services, perform kernel and system updates regularly, restrict root access, all the usual.

Or switch to Qubes or something and don't even worry about antiviruses 😁


@masstransitkrow I'm not too familiar with them. Do you mean APPbundle as in .bundle files? Or Android app bundles? From what I've heard their just shell scripts I think... :blobthink:

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