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Anyone else feel like they overuse the favourites feature in fedi?

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#toot, a CLI and TUI tool for interacting with Mastodon instances from the command line, was packaged for #fedora
Fedorans in the fediverse please give karma to it :-)

That feeling when you planned to spend about a minute on a task but then spend the whole day on it because you completely overestimated your abilities.

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DuckDuckGo's Tracker Radar (list used in Safari's Privacy Report) has found calls to Google on 82% of all sites. Facebook scripts come second (34% of sites).

Google Analytics is the most popular third-party connection (Google owns 8 of top 10 calls).

I love it when sites have an upper character limit for passwords and they don't tell you. (sarcasm intended)

Trying to play piano with cold hands sucks.

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This keyboard has actually impressed me. Ive been using it, and now typing on mobile is a breeze. It was really strange at first though and definitely takes time to get used to.

VI8 (vim-like keyboard and editor) -

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If, like me, you have been unable to follow in real-time the #Assange hearings currently taking place, then visit Craig Murray's blog to catch up and read his thorough and detailed daily summaries. These are not short pieces, but fairly long and complete reports about what is being discussed, presented, and challenged during the sessions, going in details of the anomalies and tactics used by the prosecution.

Currently no mainstream media, even those who present themselves as independent, are covering the hearings in any serious fashion, if at all.

Regardless of what you think of Assange and #WikiLeaks it is important that what is being discussed there can circulate as much as possible. Many things are being debunked, and overall, the outcome of the hearings for potential US extradition will have dramatic chilling effects on future efforts to publish such documents.

I think dogs have some psychological impulse against rollerbladers or something. When I go on a path through the dog park on a bike, the dogs don't care to even look. I go through on rollerblades the next day and I get swamped, lol.

With a couple tweaks, vim seems more suited for prose than a lot of apps specializing in prose. Never would have thought.

Been reading this and I really liked it. Also made me feel depressed. If you decide to read it, I promise that you won't regret it.

I lost a bet and now I have to use light theme for ten minutes. I literally feel like putting on sunglasses.

The decision every student is felt forced to make at some point

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Google removed K-9 Mail from the Play store with zero notice because the description of the app included alternate spellings of the app name we'd included to work around how bad Play's search is.

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