Jitsi is getting a lot of mentions here.

I wonder if people are aware of GNU Jami, a P2P solution.

Jami has end-to-end encryption while Jitsi is only encrypted during transit. The Jitsi server has your packets available in unencrypted form. If you can't trust a Jitsi server and need end-to-end encryption, Jami can be a good alternative.

@njoseph Huh neat! I thought Jitsi was kinda peer-to-peer with WebRTC, guess I should've looked into that more.
@njoseph ...usernames are on a blockchain? Weh. I mean, it's /probably/ not a big deal, but still, having it be completely immutable forever like that...


@njoseph wait…Jitsi doesn't E2EE?

heck, where was that thread where somecreature recommended Matrix+Jitsi

@moonbolt @njoseph No Jitsi just has transport encryption.

Jami has had some newer developments:

- HEVC / H.265 support in Jami with hardware support of GPUs, if available.
- Video conferences, the initiator is the host: Because Jami doesn’t rely on servers, the conference is hosted by the device of the person who initiates it. It mixes the audio and video feed from all participant and sends it back to them so everyone can see and hear each other. For this reason, the maximum number of participants depends on the hosting device’s computing power and available bandwidth. We have tested with up to sixteen members but it could potentially go higher.
- Audio and video messages

You can follow them on the Fediverse:

@njoseph ust had a quick look but from a barrier to entry side of things Jitsi has an advantage it seems. Still, Jami looks interesting, will look into it further later.

@njoseph So it seems Jami emerged from SIP... since we're talking about SIP, there is also fully e2e encrypted SIP video calling.

But I'm not sure Jami is capable of having 8 or 10 people in a call, especially if it's peer to peer, it might hit upload bandwidth limits pretty fast when scaling...

@phel @njoseph The master will need 1Mbps per participant to get a good quality. But after that they mix the stream for other peers, so technically, 1 Mpbs per participant is enough.

I already explained it there:

@njoseph Looks interesting. Has anyone got it going on OpenBSD?

@njoseph It's only one-to-one. It drains quickly battery in idle stata. It consumes a lot of BW in idle state.

@shevek @njoseph are you sure it's 1-1 only? i haven't tried it but the help page has instructions on how to do a conference call


No, not sure. I used it many months ago and nothing on UX shows the way to do multiconference. While other systems (say Nextcloud Talk) are explicitely devoted to this.


@njoseph I've tried both at this point, and in my experience it was annoying/impossible to do a group call in Jami, or at least not obvious UX-wise. Which is why I've opted for self-hosting jitsi meet for now.

Was I doing something wrong, or is this somehow not completely supported?

@njoseph Doesn't work out of the boxs though. Just downloaded it with a labmate, tried to message and call one another, messages didn't go through.

@njoseph That's true - but normal ppl find it too clunky - the ones I've tested with anyhow.

@njoseph Unfortunately, *this* at the moment is what I perceive one of the biggest issues ever: In my environment, people are rushing for Microsoft Teams, for different reasons. And it's difficult to recommend that *one* application that is feature-wise on par and stable and usable - instead, there's a plethora of solution that all somehow try to achieve the same, leaving people falling back to Teams again simply because they can't, at the moment, afford spending time on making a ...

@njoseph ... tooling comparison to make a more informed decision. This way, it's not just about losing people to Teams who wouldn't bother using any other tool, it's also about losing people who would like to recommend one but are unsure which one is sane and a good choice. 😐

@njoseph Have you every tried Jami IRL ?

It does not work at all for my and my family, totally unstable, unable to share messages, calls, messages are not unified between computer and phone. Spent like 20 hours last week trying to debug this and contact jami without success

@njoseph do you know if conferences/calls are also e2e encrypted or only messages? I think calls are only TLS

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