CommonsPub has chosen Postgresql as the default database for building ActivityPub applications.

There's another speaker at the same conference complaining about performance of * with RDBMS. He created an project called which uses .

is storing JSON objects in DB which is also what Mammoth is doing. So, will there be much difference if using a NoSQL DB? :blobthinkingcool:

@njoseph wondering about that too

Very interested in #TerminusDB graph database (RDF storage, JSONLD wire format, time-travel, git-like branching and merging).

Some #ActivityPub libraries, like @Cj #gofed support AP extensions as JSONLD-formatted OWL2 (subset) vocabularies. Currently they are used for compile-time codegen of strongly-typed #golang code. But wouldn't it be great if this could be done dynamically somehow and stored in a DB with native support for vocabs?

@njoseph Also note the publish–subscribe pattern, could we publish and subscribe to JSON?

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