"They say disk space is cheap. This is not true, not for the root devices of modern computers. Built-in storage has in fact been shrinking." ♥


@Sandra I don't agree with the author that branded apps distributed directly from developers to users, bypassing the distros, is what we need. But if someone wants that anyway, the what the author proposes would indeed be better than Flatpak et al.

@wolf480pl I want distros too ♥
Debian. I wish it was easier to make debs, though.

The challenge for me is not making the initial debs, but in transitions, making sure one version of the library works with all apps. Many times the upstream developers are inactive and package maintainer has to update the apps to newer APIs. So if you like coding and thinks making debs is hard, please help in transitions. This will have a huge impact and people making debs can just focus on that.


Not to put pressure on you, but would you know if someone is working on packaging Joplin ?
It's really a nice note-taking app...


There is a request for packaging this app bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrep You can subscribe to this bug to get notified when someone starts working on it. If many people are interested we can try to crowd fund packaging.

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